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It's coming! My new novel --  SARAH's WAR 

I'm thrilled to introduce SARAH'S WAR, a  historical novel that will take  readers back to  America's war for independence. In the winter of 1777, George Washington's untrained militita  struggles to survive at  Valley Forge. The thirteen states are torn apart by politics. By contrast,dashing British officers are enjoying lavish enterainments  at their winter quarters in Philadelphia.

      Sarah, a young patriot,is sent from a rural village in Connecticut to Philadelphis to help a needy aunt. When this aunt turns out to be a rich loyalist, Sarah is plunged into a life of intrigue and deceit.Her beauty attracts meh and there is passion and hearftbreak. Ultimately she must dig deep for courage in order to survive deadly threats--and to fulfill her dream of helping to create and new and independent country. .


Publication date is APRIL 16, 2019 by SPARKPRESS. Pre-order now in paperback $16.95 and Kindle $9.95 on Amazon.










 She heard voices coming toward her and put a hand on the wall to steady herself. First the warning about the British invasing, now this. Aunt Sage wasn't poor and ill. She had slaves. What help cound she need from a country niece? It made no sense--no sense at all--but anything was better tha being abandoned in a fierce storm as chimney pots crashed down on her head.



AND LATER   The night air was growing cold. She waited, shivering, for Cato to open the door, loniging for her bed. Was sping an accomplishment to be learned like French or embroidry? Must she change her character as well as her dresses and manners...nothing, she was begiining to realize,had prepared her to carry out the dangerous art of deception.  






Overkill published by Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's Press

In this fast-moving sequel to Without Warning, former opera diva Emma Streat has moved to Boston after rebuilding her shattered life ( murder of CEO husband and bombed house on the Connecticut River). Suddenly she receives an SOS from Venice. She must come at once to intervene in a disastrous affair between her opera singer niece, Vanessa, and the notorious playboy who races cars. Vanessa's accompanist is murdered, and the night after Emma and Vanessa arrive in Boston, Vanessa is struck down by what appears to be the first case of Avian flu in this country. As the plot moves between Boston, Venice, England, and Ireland, Emma must cope with the complex medical world. Once again she finds herself working with her one-time lover, a charismatic British lord who consults for a Secret Service. A brilliant doctor now complicates this situation. Emma must now use her talent for making unlikely connections to uncover a lethal global network that sells stolen viruses--and save herself from a horrifying death.


The pigeons returned. The three young girls with eyebrow rings sat down at the next table, chattering and tossing their hair. I put some euros on the table and stood up, knocking the chair over. Two words were drumming through my head: Get out. Get out. Get out.


...this morning, in a weak moment, I had let myself imagine what it would be like to live with him in this house. In fairness, I had always known that I would take second place behind his work, but once again it was painfully clear where I stood in his life. The outsider.

Beacon Hill, Boston

I began to walk towards them, needing to get air in my lungs. With no warning, the familiar world had taken on a new dimension. The threat of a pandemic was real—and Vanessa was the cause. And I, Emma Metcalf Streat, was a possible spreader of death and disease.

Emma first appeared in Without Warning. St. Martin's Press 2007

A woman. A murder. A mission. In Eugenia L. West's first mystery Without Warning, they come together to tell the riveting tale of Emma Streat, a dynamic ex-opera singer who has spent the past twenty years in Connecticut as wife and mother of two sons. But when Emma's mega-successful CEO husband dies in an unlikely hit and run accident, she starts her own hunt for his killer. She is plunged into the high stakes world of illegal weapons, global threats-and murders. She meets an intriguing British peer who works undercover to smoke out spies. But tracking down criminals is hazardous work and Emma pays a heartbreaking price.